We have officially launched The Odyssey Program - our very own Loyalty Program.

Carefully planned over the past few months, The Odyssey Program comes with perks that would benefit our existing and new customers. Perks like permanent discounts, early access, exclusive drops and more to come. The Odyssey Program rewards those who are keen to follow us on our journey of exploring quality products.


As most of you guys should know by now, our studio is located in Singapore, a geographical disadvantage due to longer shipping durations. There are also the international shipping costs that have been fluctuating due to the pandemic.


Hence, we’ve decided to partner with DHL EXPRESS, one of the best shipping companies, for our international orders. Their ability to avoid any unprecedented delays & deliver at insanely fast shipping speed, is something we want to provide for all customers, at a premium price.


After much consideration, we’ve decided to include the shipping cost into our products & continue to absorb any surcharges which we had already been absorbing. This means there won’t be additional charges at the checkout page. What you see is what you pay altogether (apart from custom charges for certain countries, e.g. UK)


Lastly, we are currently working on our main collection (release date TBA). Switching our blanks to heavyweight cotton. We dare say that the drastic increase in quality is on par with or even better than some of today’s prominent luxury streetwear labels. You can expect a plethora of different garments with a variety of colourways. As we manufacture our garments in-house, it would be a shame for us to only be known for our heavy graphics, thus we will also be expanding our product range, not limiting to garments itself. Extremely excited to showcase our creativity on a variety of products.

Thank you for following us this far.

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